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A little about me

I was born in south India and grew up in a city called Madras (renamed to Chennai) which is one of the few big cities in India. Growing up in the 60's, 70's and 80's were much different from today regardless of which part of the world you grew up. Back then we did not have internet, social media, or video games, hell we did not even have landline phone until I was in high school. To play, we actually had to go out and play with 'real' friends; for communication, we simply talk to friends in person; walked everywhere (a good thing) and the only available commute to go anywhere far are either metro bus or train. It was simple times back then and I sure do have lot of fond memories of having lot of fun without technology we take it for granted today. Lastly, it is hard to believe even for me that I was physically very strong back then practicing (and teaching) martial arts for many years during my high school and early college days. I was a first degree black belt in Shotogan style contact karate (yeah, we really hit each other above waste and below neck hard as hell )--- which is one of the reason my back is broken today but how it happened is a longer story for another day.

I came to US in 1986 and lived in many exiting places like Madison WI, Chicago IL, FortCollins CO, Atlanta GA. Currently, I live in Dallas, TX, a great city but nothing compared to all the other exiting places I have lived so far.


I had many real hobbies in the past like fixing electric, electronic devices, computers and working on cars etc but I am too old for all that now. Today, I basically watch TV and my favorite is Bill Maher and John Oliver shows on HBO. Besides TV, I do enjoy backyard grilling with both traditional grilling of sausages, brats, chicken, stake & Hibachi style cooking as well as fusion grilling with Indian spices.

I am passionate to read/learn about ancient civilizations from Mesopotamia, Indus Valley, Egyptian, Mayan all the way to modern Inca's. I have a bucket list to visit all the places where the ruins of these civilizations found & I am about 10% done on my bucket list! I am also passionate about astrophysics. Besides, ancient civilizations, and astrophysics, I am passionate about modern technologies as well. I do spend major portion of my weekends reading/researching about Linux OS & kernel, Docker, cloud technologies, security/hacking, medical devices etc. I also contribute to opensource forums like StackExchange, Docker, Github etc as I find time to help/share with opensource community.


I went to college mostly in Chennai where I grew up from childhood to early part of my adult life. I graduated from University of Madras with masters degree in Marine Geology (yeah, you heard it right, GEOLOGY!) and it has nothing to do with what I do currently for living in the last 30+ years. After finding out there is no future with my education in geology, I went back to school again and got my second masters degree in engineering (Remote Sensing --- a study of aerial and satellite image interpretation/processing for mapping, cartography etc) from Anna University, Madras, again still nothing to do with what I do today. Finally, I am a continuing Ph.D student at University of Wisconsin-Madison since 1987 probably forever!

Present & past employers

I am currently working for RealPage since Dec 2015 and I was working at Capital One from 2012. Prior to this job, I was working for RealPage, and Experian for about 8+ years managing a software development team. Before that, I worked for various companies like McAfee, i2 Technologies, Raytheon ... etc in Dallas area. Before moving to Dallas, I worked for GE (maker of the best CT scanners in the world), for about a year. Last but not least, I started my professional career as a Software Engineer with a small but great little company in Atlanta called Erdas Inc.,(makes Image Processing and GIS software). I do keep in touch with many of the very smart people (Friends at ERDAS) that I came to know during my 5 years in ERDAS Inc,

Contact information:

Arul Selvan
Vice President, Software Engineering
RealPage Inc.
2201 Lakeside Blvd
Richardson TX
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