Arul Selvan

Who am I?

This collection of my rational belief, fascinations, quotes, and admired individuals collectively define who I am. Specifically, the list of quotes below inspire and motivate me to strive for self-improvement. Although I may never fully master all of them, I make an effort to live by these principles every day. While I have had successes following them, there are times I fail to adhere to them while attempting to "to do the right thing" and/or "trying to control the outcome". Now, in my retirement stage of life, I seek peace, happiness, and a sense of purpose as I navigate the final part of my life's journey.

My rational belief:

I am an atheist & skeptic because I see there is no evidence to demonstrate a higher power/god's existence, therefore, I don't believe in god or belong to any religious group. In that sense, I fall in-between atheist & skeptic.

I studied geology, which is an evidence-based science, for more than 5 years in graduate school. Later in my post-retirement life, I learned the fundamentals of astrophysics and evolutionary biology from leading scientists like Neil DeGrasse Tyson & Richard Dawkins and many others. All of this combined knowledge helps me understand facts about the existence of the universe over 14 billion years ago and that Earth was formed more than 4.5 billion years ago; definitely not created by some divine "magic" in a matter of days as believed by christian faith-based belief system that doesn't require any evidence. Other religions like Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and many other religions of the world also rely on blind faith rather than empirical evidence.

In addition to religion, I don't believe in simulation hypothesis --- A hypothesis suggests that we all are living in a computer simulation rather than reality. This is total nonsense and this is where I draw the line on reality vs fiction. Especially nutjobs like Elon Musk peddling this simulation hypothesis is a clear indicator that all this is nonsense so one can discard it completely and not waste any time thinking about it. One thing comes to my mind on this is the phrase "I think, therefore I am"

About me:

My fascinations:


People I admire (in addition to family/friends):

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