Project - Process Management Tool


Process management tool is responsible for managing a heterogeneous colletion of resources which include java applications and legacy C++ applications. It supports simple management APIs (start, stop, kill, monitor)  to clients via WebMethods message bus


The core component is JMX framework consisted of one or more agents (MBean servers) hosting variety of MBean instances on each host they run. Each MBean exposes a set of standard management API to the service it manages. Each MBean and the service the MBean manages can be either inside the agent (if the service is a pure java application) or external application (if it is a legacy application) as shown in the architecture diagram below. The management tool is a RMI connector client (RMI based client adapter provided by JMX reference implementation) which subscribes for Notification message to each agent and MBeans running on those agents. It also listens on the webmethods message bus for management request/response from/to the front end clients.