Capital One Projects

Lead the design, architecture, development and delivery of valuable and business critical service components to variety of LOBs (Line of Business) such as Mobile, Banking, Enterprise Services, Loan Origination, Scoring/Decisioning. List below are some of the recent and noteworthy solutions that I have delivered which enabled Capital One LOB products to stay ahead of competition.


  • Software components to send both batch and real-time push notification messages to Apple devices. The notifications can be deals info, up-sell/cross-sell, and fraud activity.
  • Software components to support alternate login on mobile devices. See link at
  • Software components to provide Trojan protection.
  • Banking:
  • Software components to enable single signon.
  • Software components to collapse/merge back-end systems as a result of acquisitions.
  • Loan Origination:
  • RESTful web service APIs (see below) for Loan Origination system
  • Enterprise:
  • Integrated a variety of heterogeneous collection of disparate back-end systems to provide a unified webservice solution to all LOB for retrieving on-line statements and uploading documents and images.
  • Scoring/Decisioning:
  • Currently involved in design, architecture and development of a python execution framework to run statistical scoring and decisioning models written in python to directly run on the Java webservice RESTful API infrastructure. This provides all LOB applications an easy access to scoring/decisioning process via standard RESTful API call. This also adds ability for scoring model development team to add/modify and orchestrate scoring/decisioning easily with very little help from IT/Software organization.